Monday, 25 April 2011

HAPPY LabSpace USERS (Part 2)

Some time ago I wrote a little illustrated piece about what happens to my little pouches once I separate myself from them. Here is the article (where you have met with Monica in Chamonix, Charlie in London, Guy in the Far-East, Margherita and Isabella in Rome, Sabrina in Geneva, Greta in Texas, Angela in Vancouver and Ilaria in Turin).

Today I would like to dedicate an entire chapter to one of my biggest fans and LabSpace supporters: Ayesha Baumgartner.

This international and multi-talented woman, model, actress (click on the "voice animation" button top right to hear the amazing voices she is able to produce), martial arts instructor, and extensive world-traveller, is the founder and director of the Montreal-based Kids Act 2 Drama Club in Canada. She directs her charismatic environment-consciousness towards educating children to a socially-aware and green attitude. I am pleased and proud that she has found her LabSpace pouches to be useful in many different parts of the world during her globe-trotting.

Here she is in the desert in JORDAN. Ayesha found her "MOVIE FRAMER" pouch handy for keeping her small belongings close at hand, and used her "BOTTLE" pouch for stylishly carrying her water bottle on her.

Her "HEY MR.COWBOY" hip-pouch was securely fastened to her belt, so she actually had three different pouches on her at any one time for carrying all her things, hands-free.

Here's a teatime toast to us from the desert:

Here we see Ayesha on the Seine river in Paris with her "VERY NAUGHTY" pouch:

The "SYMPHONY IN SILK" pouch travelled all the way to Melbourne:

And the "BOTTLE" pouch came in handy again in the Maldives:

Ayesha's latest trip took her to Geneva, so here she is saying "hi" from the top of the Salève mountain...

And just guess how this intrepid woman came down from the Swiss mountaintop?...Well... she took the shortest way down it: VERTICAL.

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Very nice Easter surprise for me: thank you so much Etsy Italia Team for publishing my interview.
Read it here: http://etsyitaliateam.blogspot.com/2011/04/interview-getting-to-know-labspace.html
Happy Easter to all.
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