Monday, 29 March 2010

PUTTING GREEN ragbag: my entry for the Etsy Italia Team challenge

This little bag was made very early in the morning before sunrise for the Etsy Italia Team monthly challenge: "Finally Spring is Here!"
I got up in the wee hours to drive my daughter to the train station and then did not dive back into bed (as planned) when I returned home. As I walked past my workspace my little Elna sewing machine winked at me somehow.

So I sat down at my chair, and looked at my pile of rags.

The greens crept out towards me and began to whisper... and that's when the magic began! I had so much fun making this, I was really surprising myself along the way. I really love not knowing where I am going to end up! It gives me a wonderful feeling of something quite special unfolding.


  1. A very cute bag :D I like this one very much :) soft colours, the greens of spring, cute cute!

  2. This is a very nice bag in beautiful green tones !


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