Friday, 14 May 2010

Betsy's incrediblest Murano Drop Earrings

On the 1st of May I was the happy happy winner of Betsy's PERFECT BREAKFAST GIVEAWAY. We all submitted pictures of our favourite breakfast food, or drink, or setting. I chose our family Sunday Brunch, which you can see here (if you're at all curious).

I was happy and surprised when Betsy wrote me to announce that I had won. I got to chose which colour of Murano glass I preferred, so of course I went over to Betsy's Etsy shop to take a better look. That's when I started to get excited. The colours were all so beautiful, it was quite difficult to chose. I went for the blue, because they looked like giant drops of water. Then I forgot all about them... until a yellow envelope arrived in the post.

It was such a beautiful package, wrapped with such care, and lovely details: the little square thank you card and bonus coupon, the soft burgundy ribbon. A joy to unpack. But then came the moment of absolute awe.

The earrings slid out, attached to yet another beautiful card. And they were just... LUMINOUS: two large drops of pure, blue light.

They were only mine for half an hour, though. Guess what happened? Well, one of my daughters came home from school, and the lovely lovely blue Murano Drops are now on her ears. I guess they were meant for her, because they are the very same colour as her eyes.

(left-side picture: my daughter) (right-side picture: me)

Epilogue #1: good thing that my daughters lend each other their possessions, so that they can take turns wearing the water-blue Betsy drops.

Epilogue #2: since Betsy also sends out discount coupons with her items, I thought, well, might as well treat myself to my very own pair of Murano drops. Green, of course. Can you guess what happened to them?

My other, green-eyed, daughter came home from school and exclaimed: "Wow, precisely my eye colour!" What could I do, I ask you? I guess I will have to be borrowing them. Unless I buy another pair, and HIDE them carefully, out of sight. Or get a red pair, perhaps.


  1. Hey, lucky you! Wonderful Earrings! Congrats!

  2. wow they look great on you and your daughter.... ;D the colour is amazing!! ;D

  3. Lovely earrings! And you are both so sweet!

  4. Beautiful earrings! And they look good on both of you!

  5. You're right! The earrings are perfect on your daughter :D a little piece of her eye is visible and it seems so azure :D
    Anyway, both of you and the earrings are wonderful :)

  6. Betsy sara' felice che la tua famiglia sia cosi' numerosa! ; )
    le tue figlie sono bellissime!!

  7. Ahahhaa dai che ne mancano solo due, e non vuoi prendere gli orecchini anche per loro? :D


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