Sunday, 30 May 2010

PACMAN'S Ups & Downs

One day not so long ago I had a friend who was sad: she said she was having a bad time and feeling rather down and dejected. So I was inspired to make this pouch, that could express happiness and optimism on one side, and discouragement and worry on the other. It happens to everyone I suppose. There are YES days, and NO days. But remember, you won't ever be stuck "down there" for long, if your outlook is positive.

Pacman used to be my favourite electronic game when I was a little girl. I remembered that because a few days ago it was Pacman's anniversary and Google had it on the frontispiece. So instead of making a smiley-face/sad-face pouch as I had planned, I made a smiley-pacman pouch. So I also got to embroider the dots (they actually turned out to look more like chicken nuggets), and the little blue munchy monsters chasing Pacman.

This is another one of my typical iPouches, or cellphone carrier pouches. Made with 99% recycled materials, from leftover scraps, and old clothes, and vintage fabrics my mother-in-law gave me from her own mother's old closets. I like the inside of the pouch to be a little surprise, so I usually play on colour contrast. In this case, the lining is made of the same fabric as the shoulder strap.

So guess what: cheer up, and continue playing the game!


  1. This is retro-vintage-my old schooltime pouch !!!

  2. wonderful idea! super Lab woman!

  3. Great idea... often I fell like your friend... so this pouch would be perfect :)

  4. this pouch is fun Lab!!
    i love Pacman too ;D
    Great idea

  5. eheheeee we must be sort of close to the same age that was the only video game i ever could kind of play except for galaga


    love the chicken nuggets !!!

  6. Ahahhaaa tooo nice!!!!!! :D

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